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For Common Area Customizing Only
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May 2019

A. General

1.      No building , fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon the Properties, nor shall any exterior addition to, or change or alteration therein be made, until the plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Board of Directors. That approval will be based upon input from the Architectural Committee.

Modification/Changes made to any common grounds will be referred to the architectural committee using the design review form, however day-to-day issues pertaining to trees and shrubs, sidewalks, grass, sprinkler systems and heads, bubblers, drainage issues, and other landscaping will be forwarded directly by phone to the Maintenance Manager at 1-928-453-6759.  Should this type of issue require funds, the Maintenance Manager will check with the board for approval of expenditure of funds.

2.      The Architectural Committee in conjunction with CCR Article VII shall consist of 3 regular members. Those 3 members are further defined as the Board architectural representative and 2 other regular members who are homeowners within Los Lagos II. Alternate committee members may be requested to fill positions when regular members are not available, also as designated by the CCR Section 2. Their recommendation based upon a design review request from an owner will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for action. All owners must initiate a Design Review Application prior to initiating any changes as noted in Item #1.

3.        All contracted work must be performed by a licensed contractor.

4.        Any maintenance or modification of the addition and any subsequent damage attributed to the addition is the responsibility of the owner.

5.        When a unit is sold, it is the responsibility of the owner to inform the new owner of the addition and his/her responsibility.

6.        Any modifications of a load bearing wall must be engineered so as to not to violate the integrity of the wall.


1.      Any new slabs must drain all water away from the building.

2.      The new slab must not intrude into a neighbor’s area.

3.      Shrub removal must have the approval of the committee and the Board of Directors. Removal costs and damage to any existing utility line is the sole responsibility of the owner.

4.      Relocation of irrigation lines will be done at the owner’s expense, in coordination/overseen by the association maintenance personnel. Maintenance of an added patio slab and any slab coverings are the responsibility of the owner. Landing subflooring is responsibility of the association however; all landing covering material (approved by the board) is the responsibility of the owner at the owner’s expense.


1.      Will be attached to the outer wall or fascia board.

2.      The addition shall not violate the integrity of the existing roof in any way.

3.      Fascia boards must be installed on the new solid roofs.

4.      Circles 1, 2 and 7 will have the original tiled eyebrow cover above the entrance door removed prior to the installation of a solid roof Removal of the eyebrow, any repairs to the stucco/building, is at the expense of the owner.

5.      Solid roofs must be designed so as to support the weight of maintenance personnel.

6.      Slope of new roof must be sufficient to drain all water away from existing roof line.

7.      Paint is to match existing color scheme.

8.      Maintenance of the patio roof and supporting structure is the responsibility of the owner,


LOWER SECTION, circles 1, 2 & 7.
1.       Walls shall be concrete block/stucco construction, 48 inches high, incorporating wrought iron if requested. Privacy walls separating  “A” units from “B” & “C” units may be 56″ high.

2.      Foundations are required, unless built on patio slab.

3.      Drain holes are required.

4.      All walls must be rebar reinforced.

5.      Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner.

UPPER SECTION, Circles 3, 4, 5 & 6
1.     Walls shall be concrete block/stucco, matching height, design and color of existing developer installed walls.

2.     Patios may be enclosed with wrought iron fencing if desired.

3.      “A” units, height will match existing walls.

4.      “B” & “C” units, maximum height will be 40 inches.

5.      Drain holes required.

6.      Foundation required if not on patio slab.

7.      Walls must be rebar reinforced.

8.      Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner.


1.       Exterior windows may be replaced at the owner’s expense.

2.       Those windows may be metal or vinyl and must be installed by a licensed contractor.

3.     The window opening size will normally not be modified or changed, and will keep the original dimensions.\

4.       The owner may change the opening size but must provide engineered drawings/plans to ensure building integrity. Those drawings/plans must be approved by the architectural committee and approved by the BOD. All of that work will be done by a licensed contractor.

5.        All patio doors replaced. are at the owner’s expense, and work will be done by a licensed contractor.

6.       Patio door opening dimensions (building structure) will not be changed.

7.       Color for doors and windows will be white, brown or beige.


1.     All entry door replacement is at the owner’s expense. They may be wood or metal, flat panel or raised panel, with or without windows.

2.     The color must be white, brown, or beige to blend in with the existing exterior color of the building.

3.     Architectural committee and BOD approval is required prior to any exterior door installation that requires building modification.

4.     Screen doors/Security doors will be metal, with or without glass panels/screens, and must be white, brown or beige to match/blend with the current building colors.

5.      Security door installation is at the owner’s expense.


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Each request will be considered on its own merit.

These rules and regulations may be changed, amended or deleted at any time by the Architectural Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.

In case of conflict with the CC & R’S, the CC& R’S prevail. Sketches showing preferred installations are available.

Download this document here – ARCHITECTURAL RULES