This is an historical “peek’ into the begining of Los Lagos II loslagos_const_iii.jpg.w300h204Homeowners Association No. 1. (the legal name of our Association …. hereafter, referred by other-than-legal terms). The following information was gathered from an interview with  Ray Hunnicutt who was one of the original Board of Directors  and provided management service for our non-profit Association from 1980 to 1999.

loslagos_const_i.jpg.w300h204Delbert Trailor, owner of the Dell Trailor Construction Co, Phoenix, purchased “our” raw-desert land in the early 70’s …. as Mr. McCulloch was developing and promoting his “Grand Plan” to create this “town-on-the-lake”. Apparently, construction of our complex was begun shortly thereafter. Our condo-complex followed the successful development of the “other” Los Lagos development, directly North of ours. These two entirely separate condominium developments were never inter-connected, contrary to much misunderstanding in the Lake Havasu community.

The original sale prices of these condos were:

A-unit: $29,990

B-unit: $24,990

C-unit: $24,990

D-unit: $24,990

The construction of Los Lagos II was completed in three distinct phases:

Phase 1 included Circles 1, 2, 7 plus the 7 houses at the entrance.

Phase 2 included Circles 3, 4 and 6 (1977)

Phase 3 was the final development of those condos in Circle 5.

The original legal documents, creating Los Lago II, required that the developer, Dell Trailor loslagos_const_ii.jpg.w300h205Construction Co., transfer control of the Association to a non-profit Board of Directors, upon the sale of 75% of the condominiums available in the development ….. 231 units. That transfer legally occurred in 1979.

Since that date, our Los Lagos II condominium Association has been lead, and controlled by the Board of Directors. Members of that Board of Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Association. Each homeowner is entitled to one vote.